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Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad receives Religion Award

sharrieff2sharrieff3The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan stated that, “Some people do good in hope of a reward, not necessarily because they love the doing of good. It is such a high principle that the scripture teaches that those who demonstrate love are His disciples. If you don’t demonstrate love, you can’t even claim to be God.” Despite any obstacle, Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad continues to do good and has been an active servant in the Atlanta, Georgia.

On June 13, 2014, The Southern Regional Student Minister, Brother Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad received the Religion Award at the Annual Salute to Black Fathers Awards Banquet hosted by the Concerned Black Clergy. The Concerned Black Clergy of Metropolitan Atlanta, Inc., (CBC) is the primary, proactive and principle centered organization comprising mostly of African American ministers and laity. Their mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and service to the homeless, helpless and hopeless in our community. Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff assigned Brother Joseph Muhammad as a local representative of the Nation of Islam on the Atlanta CBC Board. Also, Brother Louis Muhammad represents the Nation of Islam every week at the local CBC Board Meetings.

As former Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam, Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff has continued his work in Atlanta, GA as he unites with the Religious and Political leaders regardless of differences to improve the condition of the communities in the Atlanta Area.

He received the Religion award because of his activity of love in the Atlanta community as he has coined the phrase “Love & Unity”. You can find “Love & Unity” signs in front of many churches and organizations in Atlanta. Last year through his organization, People United for Change, provided over 250,000 pounds of groceries to the community and continues to provide free breakfast and dinners to the transitional brothers and sisters on Sunday with the help of the believers of Muhammad Mosque #15. He also provides Male & Female Relationship services to help improve the conditions of families in the black community. These are just a short list of the things that convinced the Concerned Black Clergy to honor him with the Religion Award.

Reverend Frank Cornelius Brown, Pastor of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church and President of the Concerned Black Clergy, stated, “All the honorees join in a great tradition of African American men who do not mirror the constant criticism, negative attitudes, racist stereotypes, lack of employment opportunities, restrictive legal rights, and lack of recognition placed upon us by our society. Rather they willingly and lovingly accept the responsibility associated with providing emotional, financial, spiritual support, nurture and care that every child needs. Tonight we honor their lasting legacy and place their names in the public record as we assemble, honoring 30 years of Respected and Restored Men.”

Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff accepted the award for Muhammad Mosque #15 on behalf of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. He said the event reminded him of the Million Man March because Minister Farrakhan wanted love & unity and the award banquet was a demonstration of love just like the Million Man March. As the community unites, it is just a manifestation of our elder’s prayers because the basis of unity is love. Brother Sharrieff thanked the CBC for recognizing the Nation of Islam and our indefatigable efforts in the community because it is the love for our people that keep us going.

There were many other significant figures in Atlanta honored at the event as they all provide something very unique to the community and all in some way gave thanks to the virtuous black women that surround them. In many words, they all gave thanks to God first and then to the Black Woman, and as we are taught “A Nation can rise no higher than it’s woman.” The banquet honorees included Derrick Boazman- Community Service Award, Keith Parker- Corporate Award, Dan Sims- Education Award, Reggie Gay- Media Award, Lee May- Political Award, James LaGree Bussey- Posthumous Business Award, Rickey Brown- President’s Award, and Reverence Dr. Joseph Roberts Jr.- Lifetime Achievement Award.

Also, there was a portion of the program that awarded three Brothers from Muhammad Mosque #15 with Man of the Year Awards. This year’s honorees were Brother Chester Muhammad as Overcoming Man of the Year, Brother Anthony Muhammad as Man of the Year, and Brother Juvenile Muhammad as Young Man of the Year.

The night was filled with peace and love as all the leaders of Atlanta came together to celebrate Black Excellence!

Southern Regional Hall of Fame Wall

Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad has learned first hand from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that you must honored those that have come before you and their contributions to the work we continue to complete. With this in mind, the Southern Regional Student Minister has created the Hall of Fame Wall.

This wall will highlight many of the believers from all of the country who have contributed in some form or fashion to the work of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam.

To learn more about the Hall of Fame Wall, visit the Respect For Life Bookstore.

The Time and What Must Be Done

The Time and What Must Be Done

Muhammad Mosque #15 Choir Debuts

Following direct instructions from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Student Minister Abdul Sharrieff Muhammad instructed Mosque #15 to form a mosque choir. Not only has the choir been formulated, they have inspired the entire mosque with their soul stirring melodies. Check our new choir out below:

Muhammad Mosque #15 Choir


Student National Secretary Berve Muhammad visits Muhammad Mosque #15










August 18, 2013

Student National Secretary Bro. Berve Muhammad visits Muhammad Mosque #15 and delivers The Time and What Must Be Done.








Bro. Berve took the quest and Believers back to How to study the teaching 101. With step by step instruction, Bro. Berve walked through the scriptures. His lectured focused on the Prophet Jonah. The Believers and Guest truly enjoyed the lecture delivered today by the Student National Secretary of the Nation of Islam.


Farrakhan addresses attack on Libya, warns of catastrophe headed for America

( – America is facing a major earthquake as part of God’s divine judgment against the country for her evil, warned the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during a March 31 press conference at the Nation of Islam’s flagship Mosque Maryam.
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