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Muhammad Mosque 15 was the 15th mosque established within the Nation of Islam, first by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and later by Min. Louis Farrakhan. Muhammad Mosque #15 was the first Mosque in the History of Islam in 1999 to select a female Minister to head a regional post. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee make up the Southern Region of the NOI.  History shows us that the most suffering by blacks in America has been experienced in the Southern Region — much stemming from slavery and the Reconstruction Era and Jim Crow laws. But out of this turmoil, we have produced greatness and a fertile ground for the rebirth of the black man and woman. Additionally, this region has been the birthplace of significant historical figures in Black culture, including the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King, Jr., Madam CJ Walker, Maynard Jackson, Hank Aaron, Minister Abdul Rahman Muhammad, and Andrew Young. With more than 5 HBCUs on the U.S.News

TOP 10 HBCU list, sit in the Southern Region including: Spelman, Morehouse, Tuskegee, Fisk and Tugaloo.

With regards to HBCUs, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 2013 announced Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint (“MEB”). The purpose of MEB would be the acquisition of farmland as well as supporting the creation and development of enterprises engaged in farming, animal husbandry and other agribusinesses that effectively service the basic needs of Black people in America.  With a goal of raising nearly $300 million, MEB could also be used to fund the many struggling HBCUs across America, freeing up these institutions to offer curriculum, direction and staffing that teaches how to be independent as part of a self-determined community. The value of HBCUs cannot be overstated. They can be used as incubators and innovative labs for business development and the launching pad for ancillary businesses associated with the fund.

We boast some of the best places for agriculture including: Chappell Farms, Muhammad Farms, ABLE Network, Your Faith Farms, Truly Living Well.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan addressed the importance of economic development through the acquisition of farmland and gave a clear vision of what we, as a people, must  do to solve our problems. The Most Honorable Elijah  Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan have always given higpriority to pooling our resources together in a supremely organized manner, instructing Black people to do for ourselves and our kind.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote “the farm is the engine of our national life” and said 100 million acres of land -about the size of California -under cultivation was needed as a start.

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